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Louisiana Kicks Off Season on Caddo

It is Time to Start Your Professional Angling Journey

Athens, AL, February 1, 2024 – The American Bass Anglers (ABA) is set to launch the inaugural season of the ABA Professional League in Louisana. This groundbreaking initiative offers weekend anglers an extraordinary platform to showcase their talents at a professional level, empowering them to chart their own destiny in the professional, and with a better payout. The first Louisana Division event is scheduled for February 10, 2024, at the scenic Lake Caddo, operating out of Earl G. Williamson Park.

The 2024 Louisiana Division Schedule: (LINK)

  • Event 1: Lake Caddo – February 10, 2024
  • Event 2: Bistineau – March 23, 2024
  • Event 3: Toledo Bend – April 20, 2024
  • Divisional Championship: Lake Caddo – June 22-23, 2024

A New Professional Format

The ABA Professional League is distinguished by its unique solo competition format in a National Series, allowing anglers to compete individually and rely on their skills, instincts, and abilities. This format is designed to bring out the best in each angler, as they navigate the challenges of competitive fishing without a team or non-boater.

Unprecedented Rewards and Opportunities

The ABA Professional League offers an unparalleled payout structure with 80% of entry fees contributing to the prize pool, ensuring substantial rewards for participating anglers. The top prize for a one-day divisional event can reach a staggering $17,000, including the Caymas Cash program for Caymas Owners.

Proven Success for the Angler

In Florida on the Harris Chain just a few weeks ago, with 100 boats first placed paid exceptionally well vs the nearest national tournament trail. While the ProLeague paid out $6,700 to first place, the nearest competitor with 145 boats only paid out $4,800 for first place. (See Below) The Professional League paid out almost 40% more for first place with 2/3s of the same field size. The additional places paid were also much higher than the competitor’s, judge for yourself.

Top 20

wdt_ID wdt_created_by wdt_created_at wdt_last_edited_by wdt_last_edited_at PL Angler Fish BB Total Points Payout
1 1 Robert Mark M. Peiser 5 6.68 27.49 250 $6,700
2 2 James Danny D. Inabnett 5 4.48 17.22 249 $3,200
3 3 Neil C. Nix 5 16.24 248 $2,500
4 4 Robert Bobby S. Bakewell 3 15.09 247 $1,500
5 5 James B. Ford 5 13.99 246 $1,150
6 6 Jason P. Blair 5 13.27 245 $850
7 7 Fred D. Chivington 5 13.04 244 $700
8 8 Kurt W. Diesing 5 12.32 243 $675
9 9 Jesse E. Tacoronte 5 12.25 242 $625
10 10 James W. Williams 5 12.06 241 $575
11 11 Dennis Redd 5 11.30 240 $550
12 12 Kenny R. Garand 5 11.19 239 $525
13 13 Marlon Crowder 4 6.45 10.97 238 $500
14 14 Blaine W. Partee 4 10.88 237 $475
15 15 Santana A. Moretto 5 6.70 10.57 236 $1,425
16 16 David Frosty A. Frost 5 10.36 235 $400
17 17 Anthony Scott S. Kirsch 5 10.15 234 $380
18 18 Charles Tuck D. Tucker 5 10.04 233 $338
19 18 Jody D. White 5 10.04 233 $338
20 20 Anthony T. Ford 5 9.94 231 $325

Fewer Road Blocks for the Angler

The Professional League is a Solo Series, anglers do not have to sign up with co-anglers whereas in many cases the boaters end up paying the co-anglers way. The only one anglers have to rely on is themselves. This is why the Professional League exists. If you have the aspiration of becoming a professional angler, you need to fish like a professional angler and develop the skills needed to compete against the best anglers in the country. This format will allow you to do what professional anglers do, rely on their own skills, and intuition without any interferences.

Strategic Points System and Flexibility

Anglers accumulate points based on their performance, with the system considering the best three one-day events and the best two-day event. This points system not only establishes national standings but also allows anglers the flexibility to compete in different divisions to boost their standings.

Upholding Fair Play

The ABA Professional League is committed to maintaining the integrity of the sport, with truth verification measures implemented to ensure a level playing field for all participants.

The Road to the 2025 Championship

The divisional points will become crucial as anglers set their sights on the 2025 Championship, where the title of Angler of the Year and a significant cash award will be at stake.

Join the League

Registration for the 2024 Professional League is now open. Anglers seeking a competitive edge, unparalleled rewards, and the chance to shape their destiny in the world of bass fishing are encouraged to participate.

Lake Caddo Sign Up Link

ABA Membership Link

or call (256)232-0406

Lake Caddo

Caddo Lake, steeped in history and lore, is as enigmatic as it is beautiful. Its origins are shrouded in legend, with tales of a cataclysmic earthquake in the early 19th century giving birth to its sprawling waters and lush wetlands. This natural lake, enhanced in the early 20th century by the addition of a dam, spans over 25,000 acres. It’s a maze of bayous and sloughs, draped in Spanish moss, and home to an ecosystem rich with life, including over 70 species of fish. This biodiversity makes Caddo Lake a prime spot for anglers seeking both challenge and tranquility.

About American Bass Anglers

American Bass Anglers, committed to providing low-cost, close-to-home tournaments, offers an exciting platform for individual angler progression. With the support of industry-leading companies, ABA continues to advance the sport of bass fishing.

For more information about the ABA Professional League and other series, visit www.americanbassanglers.com or call (256) 232-0406.

Join the ABA Professional League and embark on a journey where skill, determination, and strategy are the keys to success. Experience the thrill of fishing like a true professional in the ABA Professional League!

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