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Professional League Maryland Division

The world of weekend bass angling is about to witness a new chapter in competitive fishing, and it’s all thanks to the ABA Professional League. This revolutionary league is empowering weekend anglers and redefining their fishing experience. One of the most anticipated divisions in this league is the Maryland Division, promising an exciting lineup of tournaments set against the backdrop of two of the state’s most renowned fishing locations.

2024 Maryland Division Schedule and Lakes

The Maryland Division of the ABA Professional League promises an action-packed season for weekend anglers:

May 4, 2024
: Chesapeake Bay – Anchor Marina – Register
June 29, 2024: Chesapeake Bay – Anchor Marina – Register
August 17, 2024: Potomac – Smallwood – Register
September 7-8, 2024: Potomac – Smallwood – Register

Event 1 Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay, the largest estuary in the United States, offers anglers a diverse fishing environment known for its abundance of bass and other sport fish. With its vast expanse of water and various aquatic habitats, Chesapeake Bay provides anglers with numerous opportunities to test their skills in different fishing conditions, making it an ideal venue for competitive bass fishing.

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A Watershed Moment in Bass Angling

The ABA Professional League is making history by allowing weekend anglers to compete solo in a prestigious National Series. This groundbreaking shift puts anglers in control of their destiny on the water. The series, commencing in early 2024, consists of 16 divisions, each featuring three one-day Divisional qualifying tournaments and one two-day Divisional Championship.

Lucrative Payouts and Coveted Prizes

One of the standout features of the ABA Professional League is its commitment to competitive payouts. Anglers who’ve long grappled with payouts below 70% at single-day events will find solace in this league, which offers an impressive national series payout of 80%. This ensures that anglers are duly rewarded for their skills and efforts.

For those who excel, the top award for a one-day divisional event can soar to an impressive $10,000 with a full field. Caymas Owners can further enhance their earnings by securing an additional $7,000 through the Caymas Cash program, potentially netting a substantial $17,000 at a one-day event.

Proven Success for the Angler

In Florida on the Harris Chain this spring, with 100 boats first placed paid exceptionally well vs the nearest national tournament trail. While the ProLeague paid out $6,700 to first place, the nearest competitor with 145 boats only paid out $4,800 for first place. (See Below) The Professional League paid out almost 40% more for first place with 2/3s of the same field size. The additional places paid were also much higher than the competitor’s, judge for yourself.

Top 20

Flexibility and Personalization

Flexibility reigns supreme in the ABA Professional League. Anglers accumulate points based on their performance in each event, with the best three one-day events and the best two-day event, regardless of the division, counting towards national standings. This unique system empowers anglers to strategically select events that align with their strengths and preferences, ultimately enhancing their national standing within the league.

Moreover, the league provides anglers with the opportunity to bounce back from low-scoring tournaments by participating in one-day or two-day events from different divisions. This flexibility gives them the ability to proactively influence their national standings.

The Quest for Angler of the Year

Excellence doesn’t go unnoticed in the ABA Professional League. Each Division’s Angler of the Year will have the chance to compete head-to-head for the coveted title of Angler of the Year at the Championship, with significant cash awards on the line.

A Commitment to Fair Play

Integrity and fair play are non-negotiable in the ABA Professional League. Truth verification measures are firmly in place at events to ensure a level playing field for all participants, underscoring the league’s unwavering dedication to maintaining fairness.

The Grand Finale

The apex of the ABA Professional League is the Championship, scheduled to take place in spring 2025. The venue will bring together the nation’s top anglers, all vying for the ultimate title in weekend bass angling.

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About American Bass Anglers

American Bass Anglers, committed to providing low-cost, close-to-home tournaments, offers an exciting platform for individual angler progression. With the support of industry-leading companies, ABA continues to advance the sport of bass fishing.

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